The Best SEO Companies in Ohio

We've compiled the highest rated SEO companies in Ohio. Check them out below!

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Looking for the best SEO company in Ohio? We hand-curated a list of the best SEO companies in and around Alabama using trustworthy reviews and data.

SEO (Search engine optimization) comprises methods of improving the quality of web traffic to a website or web page from search engines like Google.

The process of search engine optimization is valuable because a website will receive more visitors (potential customers for businesses) when it ranks higher on search engine results pages.

So, which SEO companies in Ohio are the best?

Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati

Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati

"""Scott Keever SEO is the top-rated Cincinnati SEO company servicing all of Hamilton County. Scott has been in this industry for over 15 years and knows how to drive organic traffic that converts into sales! We specialize in working with small to mid-size businesses and drive results! Our team here at Scott Keever has worked on 100s successful campaigns for our clients who range from fortune 500 corporations down to one-person start-ups like you looking for a place online where they can share their story and grow your business together. We would love to see what we could do if given the opportunity so let's set up an appointment today - it'll be worth your time Cincinnati Marketing Company Cincinnati Advertising Agency SEO Services Cincinnati""

What are their clients saying?

From Paul Bradley:

outstanding, knowledgeable & professionals in every way


Paul Bradley

From Laura Perry:

Since 2020, I've worked with Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati. They are my go-to firm for web design, social media marketing, and digital marketing. It is always a pleasure to work with these wonderful people. Our projects have all been completed on time and within budget. Scott Keever SEO is the only internet marketing agency I trust in Cincinnati.


Laura Perry

From Lydia Murphy:

Excellent service! Very knowledgeable!


Lydia Murphy

From Monique Austin:

I can't say enough good things about the quality, professionalism, and pure joy I've encountered while working with and getting to know the Scott Keever SEO team on several projects over the years. Scott Keever SEO is much more than a digital advertising agency; they are a trusted partner with a large network who cares about you and your business and will go above and beyond to ensure you complete your project successfully. Scott Keever SEO is one of the best advertising firms in Ohio


Monique Austin

From Hattie Lopez:

The best SEO in Cincinnati!!! A well-deserved 5 star rating!


Hattie Lopez

Visit Scott Keever SEO’s website here.


ADVAN SEO & Web Design Company

ADVAN SEO & Web Design Company

If you're frustrated with your current digital marketing program not producing results, ADVAN can help. Our digital marketing experts can help increase your website traffic, grow your business with real results, and help you get to the top of the search engines with our SEO services near me. MARKETING SERVICES INCLUDE: Website Design Website Development E-commerce Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services Search Engine Marketing Social Media Management PPC Campaigns Graphic Design, Catalogs and Brochures Direct Mail Branding & Logo Design Marketing Strategy Development Tradeshow Design & Management.

What are their clients saying?

From matt m:

Working with ADVAN on our new website was a great experience. They worked at our pace and helped us design a new, professional looking website and social media campaign.


matt m

From Cathy Ivancic:

Great people who took the time to understand how our unique business works! They are very responsive. I'm glad we found them.


Cathy Ivancic

From Terri Brunsdon:

Great team to work with. Understand the client's needs. Highly recommend Advan!


Terri Brunsdon

From Spiral Brushes, Inc.:

Advan Design and staff have worked with us over an extended time to bring an old paper based catalog into the digital age, easier to distribute to customers and indexable by search engines for our most important search terms. We appreciate the attention that Julie Stout and her staff have given to our project- Thanks


Spiral Brushes, Inc.

From Kyle Craven:

Easy to work with and fast!


Kyle Craven

Visit ADVAN’s website here.


Two Wheels Marketing

Two Wheels Marketing

A Columbus SEO & PPC agency specializing in search engine marketing and paid social advertising: (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads), helping to drive more leads, sales, or traffic to our client's websites. Our customized, results-driven approach to digital marketing allows you to actually see the value of our efforts toward your goals, from a collaborative boutique agency setting. Our team communicates how each digital strategy is aligning with your goals, providing financial returns from the strategies implemented. All campaigns are geared toward delivering you a positive return on investment.

What are their clients saying?

From Anthony Codispoti:

Our company used Two Wheels Marketing for our lead gen efforts for our home services business to drive calls. We had used a few different PPC and SEO companies in the past but these guys actually deliver. Our leads are up at least 25% more compared to the other firms at the exact same ad spend. These guys not only deliver results, they are responsive, proactive, and professional. They recommended other platforms to drive leads that we hadn’t even considered. We highly recommended Two Wheels Marketing for digital marketing campaigns!


Anthony Codispoti

From Rent This Box:

"These guys are the best by far . I tried to other companies for advertising before I found them. They no what they are doing for sure. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their sales. Thanks again Mark. Eric"


Rent This Box

From Hairpinlegs Support:

We have been working with Two Wheels Marketing for several years and it has been a great investment. Mark has been very helpful, patient and is very knowledgeable. He has taken time to understand our goals and does a great job at explaining the process and offers great insight into what is working and what is not. We trust them and value their guidance. Highly recommended! -


Hairpinlegs Support

From United Church Homes:

Two Wheels Marketing has been a valuable partner in our digital marketing efforts, providing on-target strategy and management that is driving more awareness for our brand, and qualified leads to help us meet census goals. In addition to being knowledgeable, Mark and his team are quick to provide recommendations mid-campaign to better optimize results. The team is small but nimble, and a great fit for our business needs.


United Church Homes

From Alex Bowen:

I cannot recommend Two Wheels Marketing enough. Their team is incredible, knowledgeable and has helped us achieve extremely positive PPC results. We've used several other digital marketing agencies in the past and Two Wheels has been the best hands down.


Alex Bowen

Visit Two Wheels Marketing’s website here.


Sixth City Marketing

Sixth City Marketing

Sixth City Marketing is a digital agency located in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), web design and development, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing and much more. We work with companies and businesses both big and small throughout the Columbus area, within a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, higher education and retirement communities. Our experienced, in-house team of strategists, content creators, and web developers are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through custom, tailored plans specific to your company's needs. Let us help you improve your sales, leads and overall traffic today!

What are their clients saying?

From Tania Ulloa-Malave:

Great team of people at Sixth City! They made sure my page stayed up in ranking, through SEO, without paying extra for ads. Fantastic results.


Tania Ulloa-Malave

From Gary Moneysmith:

Bottom Line: John and the Sixth City Marketing crew know how to things done. Working in such an important, ever-changing space, they're trusted partners who make work enjoyable.


Gary Moneysmith

From Cody Boyce:

SEO Glory


Cody Boyce

From Mary Kate Kohlhas:

John and his team have been fantastic to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and know how to get great results for their clients. I highly recommend Sixth City Marketing!


Mary Kate Kohlhas

From Emily Rabb:

Sixth City Marketing is a very knowledge and supportive firm that produces great results for their clients! I'd highly recommend them!!


Emily Rabb

Visit Sixth City Marketing’s website here.


50Bubbles Local SEO and Web Development Services

50Bubbles Local SEO and Web Development Services

Web Design, Development and SEO. Our websites stand out because we include SEO in the design and the site structure. We continue to support our website clients with strong, local SEO support and website management support. It comes down to this. You know you need a website and the reason you need a website is to make the phone ring. But your job is in whatever your business is about... our job is to maintain your website and make sure it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. Call us today and we'll make sure your getting the most from your website with complete digital marketing services, web design and website development.

What are their clients saying?

From Robyn Monahan:

I just started with Greg, and his advise and knowledge has been so great, I'm learning as I go too. I can't even wait to see what happens to my business. Feeling very safe and looking forward to being polished up


Robyn Monahan

From Gary Hardy:

Greg is a fantastic resource. This guy understands SEO for the commercial lawn mowing and commercial landscaping industries. You have to use Greg for your website and SEO management.


Gary Hardy

From Carter Click:

The team at 50 bubbles is very knowledgeable about SEO and GMB. The work they have done for us is flawless.


Carter Click

From Don Clark:

Our non-profit needed on-line assistance and we turned to Greg and his team at 50 Bubbles and are thrilled with our decision. Greg gets the job done. He's extremely knowledgeable and provides great customer service. It's reassuring to have a professional like Greg on our team.


Don Clark

From Deborah Zupke:

Greg you came into our lifes and rocked our business. Thank you for making marketing come alive and be fun again!


Deborah Zupke

Visit 50Bubbles’s website here.