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Looking for the best SEO company in New York? We hand-curated a list of the best SEO companies in and around Alabama using trustworthy reviews and data.

SEO (Search engine optimization) comprises methods of improving the quality of web traffic to a website or web page from search engines like Google.

The process of search engine optimization is valuable because a website will receive more visitors (potential customers for businesses) when it ranks higher on search engine results pages.

So, which SEO companies in New York are the best?

SEO Services New York

SEO Services New York

SEO Services New York is an inbound marketing agency based in NYC. Bringing clients to new levels of awareness & positioning, businesses of all sizes can achieve new traffic goals. With Search Intent, your active customers are looking for you. We'll position your site at the top and prove your an authority.

What are their clients saying?

From Sabbir Anwar:

Best SEO service I've ever used.


Sabbir Anwar

From Kurt Wurster:

Great service.


Kurt Wurster

From Amir Akram:



Amir Akram

From Sam Jorgenson:

They've helped us a lot with our online store. Aside from the targeted collection pages, they've helped with creating a Content Map of blog posts that we publish for the purpose of getting even more rankings. Communication and getting answers to quick questions has always been timely.


Sam Jorgenson

From Sean Dailey:

Jason was great to work with, and taught me a lot in the conference I had with him. Was very patient in explaining some basic SEO principles to me. He gave me a whole list of items to help me improve my web presence, ranging from short easy fixes to long term projects to work on. Would definitely recommend Jason to anyone seeking help with SEO and web searches - he has lots of knowledge and was a great resource.


Sean Dailey

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SEO Company NYC Hozio

SEO Company NYC Hozio

Hozio is a boutique NYC SEO Company offering a unique and innovative approach to online marketing that gets proven results. Our team of fresh, creative and forward thinking website designers and SEO experts are always on top of the latest cutting edge technology and trends in the internet marketing industry. Our owners are on top of common sense business tactics, and we view our clients as partners. We pride ourselves on being different from other Long Island and NYC SEO companies because our focus always remains on your ROI (Return on Investment).

What are their clients saying?

From Mark ODonnell:

After a few bad experiences, I decided to try Hozio. I was hesitant until I met with Steve Ordanello. Steve took his time explaining what Hozio does and I was quickly convinced that I had finally found the right marketing partner. Steve has always been on top of it through my onboarding and continues to stay available. I also want to give a shout out to Steve's team that I have had the opportunity to work with. Thanks to Kyle for being so responsive. Also like to thank Damian for his support and Rita for the professional handling of the financial arrangements. If you have had a bad experience or are hesitant like I was, I'd like to reassure you that you are in GREAT hands. Mark O'Donnell USHealth Advisors - Mooresville, NC.


Mark ODonnell

From Shaheen Virtual Farms BD:

Very Fast and perfect. Thank you.


Shaheen Virtual Farms BD

From Dyckman O.G.:

Yeah, this was a mistake. but being that im studying SEO AND GMB. Im not going to delete the 5stars. Might mess up your 'Google' Rankings. Actually, I'm going to check out all your real-estate. See how fast your website loads on my fast laptop. lol. your mobile, and stuff. :-)


Dyckman O.G.

From Chad Murray:

Hired Hozio to take over my advertising. I own a large service business with 30 trucks in multiple states. I always did marketing in-house because of not trusting SEO companies due to past experiences. Hozio was referred to me by another large service company. I started a small SEO campaign to start with because, well like I said I was skeptical. Got me on first page pretty quickly so I added more and WOW! Last week I handed over over our AdWords account to them and again WOW! The tweaked it just to get us going and we are on the first page 4 times now and they haven’t barely started! Steve and John and the real deal! I don’t care how much money I spend with them because they have blown up the results!!!!!


Chad Murray

From Pedro Olavarria:

GREAT GUYS John knows the business been on board 5 years No B.S. ..highly recommended this business


Pedro Olavarria

Visit Hozio’s website here.


Mimvi - New York SEO Serivces

Mimvi - New York SEO Serivces

"Mimvi provides clients with unmatched SEO services in the New York City Area. We provide SEO, Local SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Design and Social Media Marketing Services to the NYC Area."

What are their clients saying?

From russ trichon:

This company knows what they are doing. They do great work and pay Attention to detail. They are priced very fair and affordable. I worked with Marcus and will continue to do more projects with him when they come up. I would highly recommend using Mimivi!


russ trichon

From Metropolitan Garden Design:

Mimvi Seo is doing great job with my NYC Seo project.


Metropolitan Garden Design

From Samuel Long:

It was a pleasure to work with Mimvi - New York SEO Services and taught me a lot during our conference. Was extremely patient in explaining some fundamental SEO principles to me. They gave me a long list of items to work on to improve my web presence, ranging from quick fixes to long-term projects. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for assistance with SEO and web searches. Thank You.


Samuel Long

From Kamal Naagar:

" Best seo service"


Kamal Naagar

From Amir Akram:



Amir Akram

Visit Mimvi’s website here.


Jimmy Huh SEO Consultant | SEO Services by New York SEO Company

Jimmy Huh SEO Consultant | SEO Services by New York SEO Company

SEO is hard & it's important. As a New York SEO Agency, Digital Marketing Agency, Facebook Leads and Adwords expert and Website Designer I'm happy to give you free advice or work with you to grow your business. Call me today at 626.231.1183. New York SEO Services: Real Estate Marketing Ecommerce SEO Keyword Research Technical SEO Off-Page SEO On-Page SEO Local SEO Med Spa SEO Plastic Surgeon Marketing Gym SEO Dental SEO Services Medical SEO Daycare Lead Generation SEO Consultant New York Service Areas: Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island Harlem Chelsea Chinatown Upper East Side Lower Manhattan Murray Hill Washington Heights Castle Hill East New York East Harlem Flatbush Midwood Richmond Hill.

What are their clients saying?

From Google User:

"Excellent job and I am satisfied with the outcomes."


Google User

From Carolyn Czick:

JH provided our business with a truly comprehensive service. He included our writers, social media team, and ensured that we were a part of the flow.


Carolyn Czick

From LaTisha Jhonson:

I decided to step into 2021 with a strong marketing push, so I found Jimmy and started an eCommerce SEO campaign. They're not kidding when you hear that SEO is a long game, but in less than 8 months my site is doing phenomenally. I couldn't be happier with my results.


LaTisha Jhonson

From Allison James:

Finding Jimmy's SEO services has really done great things for my local business. We traffic but the conversion rate was next-to-nothing. Now, you can see a clear customer funnel and customers are actually scheduling. Highly Recommended!


Allison James

From Joel Kelly:

Jimmy is an artist and search engines are his canvas. I couldn't believe that after two years of struggling to rank, he was able to provide the missing components in less than a month. I am highly grateful for his teams efforts and recommend their service to any business who is trying to surpass their goals.


Joel Kelly

Visit Jimmy Huh’s website here.


Sosemo LLC

Sosemo LLC

"We are an award-winning strategic media planning, buying and campaign management agency that specializes in marketing brands across the digital landscape. Our team leverages core digital channels including search marketing (SEM/SEO), social media, display and programmatic to increase brand awareness and acquisitions for our clients."

What are their clients saying?

From Alexandra Cavoulacos:

We had a great experience working with Larry and his team beginning in 2014. He really knows the space (we had worked with a number of SEO "experts" in the past who did not live up to that). We grew our search traffic considerably while working with Larry and then brought SEO in-house since it had become so core to our business. I did a number of reference checks before we hired him, all were extremely positive, and both Larry and his team surpassed all expectations. Larry's incredibly earnest and genuine and I highly recommend.


Alexandra Cavoulacos

From Greg Fraser:

"I highly recommend Sosemo. They produce high quality work, serve as a trusted partner, and yield a great value. We hired Sosemo at my previous company for paid and organic search for a number of our ecommerce sites. Sosemo helped us resolve technical SEO issues that our previous agency had caused, they maintained our CPA goals for paid search and made recommendations for how to scale. In addition to their strategy and execution chops, Sosemo acted as a true partner by training our internal resources to assist in areas to help us reduce our cost."


Greg Fraser

From Madison Moore:

Each member of the team at Sosemo is incredible knowledgeable about all things SEM and SEO! They laid out a targeted plan for our eCommerce sites and were able to achieve goals and solve problems as they arose. Would absolutely recommend to any business looking for customized solutions for search engine marketing or optimization.


Madison Moore

From Mahalakshmi Sankaran:

we are Technology company and Sosemo was our Search Marketing Consultant. Our experience with Sosemo has been great. Larry and his team are very dedicated and knowledgable. Their experience and knowledge in Search Marketing Industry is commendable and they did a great job for us.


Mahalakshmi Sankaran

From Richard LaFauci:

Larry and team bring all the key ingredients together - strategy, execution, optimization, reporting - into a full service capability delivered with a high level of client care. I highly recommend SOSEMO.


Richard LaFauci

Visit Sosemo’s website here.