The Best SEO Companies in Georgia

We've compiled the highest rated SEO companies in Georgia. Check them out below!

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Looking for the best SEO company in Georgia? We hand-curated a list of the best SEO companies in and around Alabama using trustworthy reviews and data.

SEO (Search engine optimization) comprises methods of improving the quality of web traffic to a website or web page from search engines like Google.

The process of search engine optimization is valuable because a website will receive more visitors (potential customers for businesses) when it ranks higher on search engine results pages.

So, which SEO companies in Georgia are the best?

SEO Guru Atlanta

SEO Guru Atlanta

About Us SEO Guru Atlanta is the trusted Atlanta Search Engine Optimization company delivering top ranking results to our clients. Our goal is to be the best, most responsive SEO firm delivering the results our clients just cannot achieve anywhere else. If you are not on the first page of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, you may be losing customers to your competitors that are on page one. We have years of SEO experience delivering Page 1 and top listings to our customers.

What are their clients saying?

From Timothy Andrew McCabe:

Great company. Helped me along the way to increase bussines!


Timothy Andrew McCabe

From Seabird Marina:

Jeff has done a great job for us.He modernized my website. He listens to what I want want and implements it. I have found him easy to work with and assemble. I highly recommend his services.


Seabird Marina

From Baby Dimensions 2D 3D 4D & HDLive:

SEO Guru really help my business out. Jeff got us back onto page 1 of Google and I think we all know that that is where you have to be. Thank you so much Jeff and all the hard work you did.


Baby Dimensions 2D 3D 4D & HDLive

From Matt McLain:

SEO does a wonderful job of driving traffic towards our web pages. They are also very friendly and great with communication. I feel they are always looking out for our business. Highly recommend.


Matt McLain

From Jessica Marauszwski:

SEO guru does great work. Jeff goes above and beyond to ensure great results. Very happy with their services!!


Jessica Marauszwski

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M16 Marketing - Web Design and SEO Company

M16 Marketing - Web Design and SEO Company

Atlanta web design & full-service marketing agency delivering award-winning digital strategy, website design, SEO, paid advertising and social media.

What are their clients saying?

From Shelly Bishop:

I would highly recommend working with Don, Sharon, and M16 Marketing for your website needs. All are very professional, attentive, and thorough. We had an amazing experience creating a new website for our church through M16. They went above and beyond to help us go live! Thanks, Don, Sharon and M16 Marketing!


Shelly Bishop

From Anthony Guidry:

Don and M16 Marketing represents world class excellence. Our church has seen the benefits of using this company. They listen and articulate your vision during the review process. Finally they execute with precision bringing your project to life.


Anthony Guidry

From Greg Langley:

My good friend Don at M16 Marketing did a small informational website for us at Langley Tax & Accounting over 10 years ago. The site was off line DEAD for the past three years and because of one late night phone call last week to my friend... our website was Digitally Resurrected. We love all the new updated features and we are so proud of my brother. We pray for his continued success and blessings. "GREAT JOB DON" Now keep us alive!


Greg Langley

From Cory Norpel:

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Don at M16 is top notch! He is extremely knowledgeable and proved it during our initial proposal request call. He solved our issue within 15 minutes when our current company wanted to charge us 5-10 hours of work. He is professional, passionate and cares about helping people. Highly recommend!"


Cory Norpel

From Lo Hurts:

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value The team at M16 marketing has exceeded our expectations. They helped us develop the perfect strategy to increase our client base which also improved our bottom line! Give them a try!!"


Lo Hurts

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Atlanta SEO Pro

Atlanta SEO Pro

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies build better digital experiences for their customers. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), website design, paid advertising, and web presence management. If you want out-of-the-box, we’re not your people. If you want a passionate, sometimes-quirky, fun-loving group of marketing professionals, then we’re definitely your people. Large or small, we help businesses scale their marketing organizations to lead digital marketing initiatives across multiple platforms. What Can We Do For You? At Atlanta SEO Pro, we design and build content management platforms that enhance a business’ digital presence. We create marketing campaigns and content that build connection.

What are their clients saying?

From IRS Hostage:

"Critical: Value We received a website and a wonderful writer who was amazing to work with. However, the benefit stopped right there. We understood from our initial conversations with the owner and from the contract that we would receive “management of our online presence”. We received no help with our Google Business issues, no Google Analytics insights, No help interpreting or creating a plan for anything or anything else that should go with “web presence management”. We trusted that we were paying our monthly fees for the benefit of a manager whose expertise would be used to help us create and execute good strategy and tactical execution including things like retargeting and creating ads and landing pages and none of that happened. Although I am empathetic that much sort of fell apart for the owner during this time both personally and professionally I am very disappointed that our business received little to no benefit from their expertise while Atlanta SEO Pro continued to charge us the full fees every month for six months"


IRS Hostage

From Charles Campbell:

The premier digital Marketing/eCommerce agency in Georgia. Extremely empathetic, knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of aligning digital Marketing/eCommerce protocols for products with target market needs and wants!!!


Charles Campbell

From Rootstock Vines:

We are well into year 2 of our business relationship with Atlanta SEO PRO. Their professionalism, reliability and dedication to growing our business has not wavered. We are so thankful to have a partnership with a company who continues to consistently deliver everything that is promised.


Rootstock Vines

From Rejuvenate Flooring:

Being a small business owner every penny that goes out counts when spending marketing dollars. When choosing an seo company so many of them out there are remote based or not even in this country, it’s scary not knowing what you may or may not get. From the word go atl seo has been on top of all of our needs. The value they bring with their seo package is priceless. We are constantly referring people to them.


Rejuvenate Flooring

From David Potts:

"Atlanta SEO has been a valuable part of our new business development! We brought in Ashley and James from Atlanta SEO to manage our businesses brand exposure as well as the design of our website. They exceeded our expectations and continue to do so. Ashley has given valuable insight and has helped us grow our business. I can’t say enough about this company’s attention to detail and how they treat their clients!! I highly recommend Atlanta SEO to become part of your business! Little River Clothing and Outdoors - Owners and Management"


David Potts

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PersistSEO is a full-service digital marketing agency providing Local SEO, Ad Management, and national SEO marketing services to the Alpharetta community and beyond. Our team focuses on serving small business owners who want to gain a competitive edge, a larger customer base, higher profitability, and sustainable growth regardless of changes in technology and the marketplace. As an established local business with a strong track record, we only take on clients when we are CONFIDENT they will see results. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your business goals, perform a complete web audit, and provide a strategic marketing plan for you up front. If you choose to work with us, you’ll be making an INFORMED decision.

What are their clients saying?

From Ann Ocken:

Persist SEO was amazing to work with. The team was incredibly responsive to my questions and always explained everything they were doing. The website they built for my company was exactly what I needed. They listened to my vision for my business and executed it beautifully. I would highly recommend Persist SEO.


Ann Ocken

From Matt Manry:

The folks at PersistSEO have always been super helpful. When it comes to web visibility, they are second too none. Would highly recommend.


Matt Manry

From Patty Charlton:

These guys did a great job for us. Very thorough, easy to work with, and results oriented. I highly recommend them if you are in the market to improve your website exposure.


Patty Charlton

From Ben Fraczkowski:

The TEAM at PersistSEO can and should be relied on for your business needs!! To say I am impressed with the service is an understatement. The quality of work and expertise is unmatched. So happy I made the decision to go with PersistSEO. Communication was always friendly and professional. I had multiple requests both small and large. They explained things in detail and really cared about hearing all of my business needs. They used my ideas to then create something I didn't even think was possible. Extremely creative and talented group they have. One last thing, which is very important to me: I could tell they genuinely care and are a great bunch of people. Feeling very blessed I found them. Thank you for everything!!


Ben Fraczkowski

From Jim “Jim”:

"Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness I have been working with Persist for over 5 years. Service has been top notch and very happy with the results so far. Great team and easy to work with."


Jim “Jim”

Visit PersistSEO’s website here.


AIS Media, Inc. - SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing Agency

AIS Media, Inc. - SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing Agency

At AIS Media, Inc. is an award-winning digital marketing agency ranked in the top 1% in the Nation for client satisfaction. AIS Media proven formula for success blends over two decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to high--performance search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC) Management and Social Media Marketing campaigns proven to help brands and businesses grow. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and determine if we're a good fit for your business.

What are their clients saying?

From B White:

Leaving this review because of your employee, David Orlando Brown.


B White

From Todd Tankersley:

Great folks to work with ! Excellent communication, informative, and first class all--around account service. Highly recommended !


Todd Tankersley

From Jade Lantz:

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value AIS Media is a great digital marketing agency partner for Atlantic Limousine! The team we work with communicates clearly so I can easily understand what they are doing and what our results are. We love Denise, Sam and Zoe!! I would definitely recommend hiring them for your digital marketing needs."


Jade Lantz

From Kortnie Watson:

The best marketing agency in the nation. Wonderful place for marketers.


Kortnie Watson

From Zoe Ferqueron:

I love working with the AIS Media team, not only because of the team-oriented atmosphere, but because they put their clients first. They take the time to get to know the individuals behind the business and their goals to better guide their digital strategy, ensuring each client gets a customized marketing experience to find the unique needs of their business. Building these relationships is how AIS continues to produce award-winning digital marketing work on behalf of its clients. Keep it up!


Zoe Ferqueron

Visit AIS Media’s website here.