How Our Links Helped a Startup’s Traffic Grow by 135% in 5 months

Learn how we got high-quality inbound links that doubled a startup's organic traffic.

The problem: getting niche links

In June of 2020 a telemedicine company came to us with an issue: they needed inbound links from established websites within their niche.

“Niche links” are inbound links from websites that have the same subject matter as yours. For example, getting a link from to your website that sells airplane parts is a niche link.

Niche links are a common request and rightfully so: relevancy has an influential role in search engine optimization. Search engine algorithms place significant value on inbound links from related websites.


The solution: utilizing our exclusive publisher network

To help this startup gain visibility as an organic search result within their niche, we combed our publisher network and spread placements across a variety of relevant and established websites. We compiled customized content around topics like pediatrics, illness and the coronavirus pandemic. This content was then placed in the form of dofollow guest posts across our publishers’ websites.

Placements ranged from leading health blogs to top independent newspapers.


The results: a 135%+ increase in organic search traffic

It took 5 months and 11 links to be placed in order to see the results of our link building. After a Core Update in December of 2020 the company’s organic search traffic began an increase of over 135% – doubling their previous traffic.

135% increase in organic search traffic


Their traffic continues to increase steadily at the time this case study was published.

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