3 simple ways link building can help your business

Use link building to build a competitive advantage.

Link building is a search engine optimization strategy that increases the number and quality of inbound links to a website. By getting relevant links from other websites you can increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

Link building is an effective marketing tactic and can help your business in many ways.

Here are 3 simple ways link building can help your business:


Hypertarget customers

A typical link building campaign requires you to advertise a URL and anchor text.

Search engines love anchor text because it allows them to quickly analyze what a website is about.

The anchor text is “iPhone cases” in the link below:

<a href=“”>iPhone cases</a>

Search engines will recognize that anchor text as the context of your website and rank it for searches related to that keyword.

The more relevant links you have to your website, the more search engines view you as worthy of being shown and ranked accordingly for your keywords.

Let’s see how many people search for “iPhone cases” per month:



According to ahrefs, 45,000 people are searching for iPhone cases every month.

Imagine 45,000 (or more) potential customers landing on your website looking for exactly what you provide.

That is the power of using link building to hypertarget customers.


Grow your online market share

Search engine results are hierarchical. The nature of results being listed by rank creates an atmosphere ripe for competition.

Building quality links to your website can help increase your position and rank you above competitors in your niche.

Check out the difference in website visits between the 3rd and 6th position for “iPhone cases”:



The difference between occupying the 3rd position or 6th position for “iPhone cases” is over 1,000 potential customers.

Using link building to increase your website’s relevancy (and ultimately your rank) for a specific niche is an effective strategy.


Establish brand awareness

Link building can help you build brand awareness within your company’s niche.

Brand awareness is the ability of a consumer to recognize and think of a brand before they make a purchase. For example, imagine if CASETiFY (shown below) showed up first instead of Apple when you typed “iPhone cases” into your favorite search engine.



Studies show that consumers buy from the top three brands in their mind and only purchase from well-established companies.

Showing up prominently when someone searches for a keyword related to your business will establish your brand as a legitimate and trusted source.

There are many ways link building can help your company – whether you’re looking to experiment with a new online marketing tactic or implement a long-term strategy to increase your customers.

Link building can help. High-quality link building can help even more.